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Certain Pokemon are good for certain reasons, and even that determination of "Good" varies with the user. Some may like a Pokemon because it looks cool, or because its shiny; it all depends. If your asking about how good he is in battle, then Id say that he is good againt any Pokemon with Def<Atk, and a neutrality to his Normal type moves especially Facade. Of course, hes not going to kill a Dragonite or something. He's too weak in comparison to Dragonite. But compared to a Pikachu, hes good. So its all a matter of opinion, whether Smogon says so or not.

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Zangoose is often overlooked as a Normal-type sweeper. Despite an overall low BST, Zangoose has all the right stats in all the right places. Its impressive base 115 Attack is backed up by a good base 90 Speed. It also has an excellent physical movepool that allows it to sweep uninterrupted. The main thing holding Zangoose back, however, is its frailty. Defensive stats of 73 / 60 / 60 simply don't cut it in the high-powered RU metagame, and Zangoose's lack of resistances doesn't do it any favors either. Don't let that put you off, however; if Zangoose manages to nab a Swords Dance boost, your opponent will be in for a world of pain.

So yeah I think it is a pretty good Pokemon

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That's really not what makes it good. Toxic Boost makes it good.