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Because its called the Diving Pokémon. Get it? Dive Ball, Diving Pokémon.

Please read the comments for more information. This is SoulSilver.

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I've been researching this question and I can't really find a definite anwser... Most communities also asked this kind of question and the answers are different. Some people may have got lucky and catched Lugia with a dive ball, then say that dive ball is effective on Lugia. Bulbapedia says that Dive Ball is effective on Pokemon that are found by surfing, fishing, and in the seaweed. But Lugia is a still legendary Pokemon that always stays there before you battle it, it may be different from other wild Pokemon that are encountered by fishing surfing and seaweed. I don't think that this question can be anwsered unless there is a reliable source from Bulbapedia or Serebii.
Can one of you experts change the question title to add "(read entire comment thread before answering)" or something like that? This question has gotten at least four bad answers because the answerers didn't read the entire comment thread.
I like how this was originally a joke question and it ended up getting two up-votes, 16 comments, and almost 10 bad answers (as of the time of commenting).
This wasn't a joke. I was very serious.
Sorry for saying that.

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The dive ball does give a higher chance of capture. This is because the dive ball works well on Pokemon you find while you're surfing. In Soulsilver you find Lugia while surfing.

I suggest dive balls as they're just as good as dusk balls and better than ultra balls in this scenario.

Edit: Serebii says while surfing. It doesn't mention having to encounter it by surfing. My explanation for why dive balls will work.

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For once we have an answer with a reasonable explanation.
Yes after all the hassle :D