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What does it mean if the Pokemon is shiny?

Having a shiny means you are a total BOSS. A shiny is extremely rare. Shiny pokemon are differently colored than normal ones, but I'm not sure being a shiny affects their stats. If you see one, catch it no matter what. the chance of finding one is like one in over 8000. I've literally played pokemon all my life and yet I've never encountered a single shiny. Props to you.

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Shiny Pokemon are Pokemon with different colorations. They are named "Shiny" because of the sparkle they give off in battle. They are no more powerful than ordinary Pokemon; their colours are just different.

They are prized for their rarity; they only have a 1/8192 chance of appearing (which is halved in X and Y however). This number can be lowered through the use of tricks and items like the Masuda method breeding trick and the Shiny Charm item, which, if in a trainer's possession, will increase their chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon.

Actually, the encounter rate was more than halved in X/Y. It was reduced to a 1/1000 chance.
No lol It's like a 1/42?? chance
If it's 1/42 then I'm seriously unlucky.
Don't you see the ?? xD
The number is 1/4096 - exactly half of 1/8192. Read this is you don't believe me. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163085/do-x-and-y-have-higher-shiny-encounter-rates-if-yes-what-is-it?show=170946#a170946
That was what I was gonna say as my answer. This answer is correct!
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Nothing really, but if you find one, no matter how useless it is, you should DEFINITELY catch it, because there is a 1/8192 chance of finding one (even catch a shiny Sunkern, for crying out loud.) It really just changes how the Pokemon looks. For example:

Normal Rattata:

Shiny Rattata:

This does not affect the Pokemon's stats, though.
Hope I helped!