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I want to choose Blaziken and Magmortar in one team. What do you think???


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In my opinion, this is fine.

Blaziken is a Physical Sweeper and Magmortar is an excellent Special Sweeper. Stealth Rocks can hurt Magmortar as he is a pure Fire type, but nor Blaziken, as he is a Fighting / Fire type. Stealth Rocks will only do neatral damage. However, I would strongly suggest that you also have a Rain Dance Team counter, and one with a weakness to Grass or Ice. The synergy between to FIre type, who are weak against Water, Rock, and Ground type, and a Pokemon (who can benefit from Rain or Water type moves in general), will be excellent. You could form a Core of three Pokemon.

So, that's what I suggest. Yes, it is okay to have both Blaziken and Magmortar.

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In addition to that, I would Scarf the Magmortar. Hes slow.
And P.S., this suggestion is only for Fire/Fighting type and Fire type. It would NOT be okay to have two Fire type weak to Stealth Rocks. For example, Magmortar and Arcanine would not work good.