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Ok, so we have banned Pokemon cards, banned episodes, whats more? Banned Pokemon. The thought just crossed my mind. What if game freak made some Pokemon for kanto or the unova region but they got cut off and were never implanted into the game? Has there been any Pokemon which didn't make it into the game and were 'banned'? Is there a reason why?


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There has been some Pokemon that haven't made it to games for unknow reasons. A list of those Pokemon can been found here.

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Missingno. There are all different kinds of him. I don't get why this is flagged. He wasn't meant to even be in the games. He's a glitch in gen 1 that was fixed in gen 2. Might I add that there are tons of Pokemon that were proposed to be in games that never were in them as daboss already pointed out.

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shiny Reshiram,Zekrom and Victini arnt banned pokemon
I DIDDNT say they wer banned, I said the cant be obtained.
the question is about Banned pokemon not unobtainable ones
it's Da Bomb