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For my Samurott and I'm going to replace with waterfall (my Samurott has more Attack then Sp.Attack) and I prefer hydro cannon for the finishing hit then switch out.

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Swap Hydro Cannon, all recharge moves should not be used the power is a con as you loose a turn in the process.
150 power over 2 turns compared to hydro pumps 240 over 2 turns.

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I completely agree Blob
well i don't now who to put the best answer but for me,you and B3N are the best answer xD
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OK, I realize that Artist KS already answered, but I need to give my two-cents. The problem with Artist KS's answer is that you can't switch out during the recharge turn, which means you are a sitting duck. Hydro Pump is definitely the way to go, but truthfully Sammy shouldnt have any Special Attacks. So in truth Waterfall is the wa to go, but between Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon, Hydro Cannon should NEVER be used, so Hydro Pump is the way to go

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Well Hydro Pump:
power: 120
accuracy: 80

and then Hydro Cannon:
power: 150
accuracy: 100 or 95 ( I`m not sure )

but then Hydro Cannon, you have to recharge.
It's your choice
I would go with Hydro Cannon even though you have to recharge
and since you are going to switch out you won't have to recharge

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Give blob BA if your gonna take it away from Artist (which am not saying you should), he answered first.
you can switch out even if u have to recharge, i speak from experience
Hydro pump is still the better switch, and no you can't. I just had my fearow use hyper beam in game and it DIDDNT let me switch.
U said your not sure? If your not sure then don't answer to begin with.
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