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Which has better movepools, power, etc. etc.?

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Awight, let's go for the fat fighter first.

>HP: 144
Min.-Max: 398 - 492

>Attack: 120
Min.-Max: 220 - 372

>Defense: 60
Min.-Max: 112 - 240

>Special Attack: 40
Min.-Max: 76 - 196

>Special Defense: 60
Min.-Max: 112 - 240

>Speed: 50
Min.-Max: 94 - 218

>Total: 474

And now let's analyse the mushroom.

>HP: 60
Min.-Max: 230 - 324

>Attack: 130
Min.-Max: 238 - 394

>Defense: 80
Min.-Max: 148 - 284

>Special Attack: 60
Min.-Max: 112 - 240

>Special Defense: 60
Min.-Max: 112 - 240

>Speed: 70
Min.-Max: 130 - 262

>Total: 460

Let's see. Hariyama wins in HP factor. 1 point to the fatty! Breloom has just a little more attack, so point MUSHROOM! Clearly, thanks to the low HP, Breloom gets more defense so another point Breloom. Breloom has more Special Attack, and they have an equal amount of Special Defense. Now, it's 1 point for Hariyama and 3 Breloom. Hariyama has less Speed than Breloom as well, so yeah. Tell him to lose weight. Anyway, looking at Hariyama's stats and Breloom's we can easily say that Breloom is a better choice for a team unless you need some kind of HP freak.

Okay, Hariyama learns 22 fighting type moves, 3 water type moves, 5 ground type moves, 28 normal type moves, 5 dark type moves, 3 steel type moves, 2 fire type moves, 2 poison type moves, 1 electric type move, 5 rock type moves. LOTS to work with here!

Now let's look at Breloom. 12 grass type moves, 27 normal type moves, 15 fighting type moves, 2 psychic type moves, 4 poison type moves, an electric type move, a fire move, and 3 rock moves. Good.

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That's defiantly not the way to pick a team member, they can't use special attacks and you listed many, stats don't mean anything, if you wanted a spin blocker would you pick spiritomb over sableye.
Youve not taken into consideration typing move pool abilities.
And most importantly.
This method isn't great
He's going in-game so none of that matters.
Well it does but stars are not going to help with no Evs and ivs ect
So stats are not really important...
Upvote, because this is good, and I like how you call Breloom Mushroom, and Hariyama the Fat Fighter.
I agree with Blobby.
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Go for Breloom. Better overall stats(Hariyama beats it in base HP), and although Hariyama has more type variety Move-wise, I think Breloom is better, because the moves it learns are still fairly powerful. Also, Breloom is a Dual-Type, which can be a blessing or curse(Fire and Flying threaten it), in the case I think it is a blessing, because Moves like Mega Drain allow it to Heal, attack with Grass moves, etc.

Breloom stats:

HP    60   
230 - 324
ATTACK    130   
238 - 394
DEFENSE    80   
148 - 284
SP. ATK    60   
112 - 240
SP. DEF    60   
112 - 240
SPEED    70   
130 - 262
TOTAL    460

Hariyama stats:

HP 144
398 - 492
220 - 372
112 - 240
SP. ATK 40
76 - 196
SP. DEF 60
112 - 240
94 - 218

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whats this hariyama and breloom same stats?wow,just wow
Yeah, my copy and paste didn't work, I'm gonna edit.
Tada! There we go.
No I didn't. I just did that because it was easier. My answer was on first.
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Hariyama has way better stats than breloom and has a great movepool

Hariyama (M) @ Flame Orb
Trait: Guts
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)
- Rock Slide
- Close Combat
- Payback
- Facade

What?! Way better stats? I'm gonna check again.
Or maybe Ice Punch instead of Rock Slide... Nah, Rock Slide has a chance of making that Flying Type flinch. You have it right. Rock Slide is the way to go.
Downvote. Breloom's stats are better.
Rock Slide won't make the enemy flinch, as there are continents that move faster than Hariyama