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I'm making an OU team and I want all the hazards setters.
If this is a repeat question,tell me,so I can hide this.

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The first three that come to mind are:

Foretress: (All of them)
Ferrothorn: Spikes and Stealth-rock
Tentacruel: Toxic-spikes

However many Pokemon are given Stealth-rock. Like: Tyranitatr, Dugtrio, Mamoswine, Infernape etc.

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Really,stealth rock is the most common hazard
How could you forget Skarmory?? xD
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OU List

Theres Deoxys-D,Ferrothorn,Forretress,Donphan,Mamoswine,Metagross,Tentacruel,Skarmory,Heatran,

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