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I was walking in tall grass at Route 225. We usually encounter Fearow and Raticate. I encountered both of them but when I started walking again what appeared is a Spearow and Rattata. Next, it became normal. I encountered Fearow. But the level is Level 20. It isn't supposed to be Level 20. Is there anything wrong in Route 225 or is it normal?


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See the Route 225 guide - all those Pokemon appear.

If you mean a Fearow appear at level 20 then no that shouldn't happen. It was probably the Spearow.

What do you think happened?why did a level 20 fearow appear? :/
What I mean is, is it just an illusion?did the spearow transform into a fearow like it isnt actually real?or is it something that will cause errors?
There are two answers for "Why did a Level 20 Fearow appear"

-Your game is glitched
-You are seeing things
No, actually this isn't uncommon, I have found level 16 sandlsashes in HG in the safari zone. So have my freinds, it's not a glitch it's just that way the game is programmed