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Used a ton of wings on my Poke'mon(this happened to my friend too) and its base stats didn't rise like the game said they would. My suspicion is that they raise EVs, but I'm not sure.


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They add 1 EV on,every four you get a stat increase.

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Yeah, that's why EVs are only divisible by four.
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it is because 4 evs make 1 stat points at lv 100
so maybe you didn't give enough wings or your Pokemon's level is quite low

My levels were high, I was training for the Elite Four.
What level is it?
Also, even if you give like 50 wings, it will give you only about 4-8 stat points each
It was around level 60 I think, and I didn't see any stat changes and I gave it like, 20 wings.
raises each stat by 3 at lv.100
your pokemon is around 60 so it will get less than 3