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In this question people say that Spoink's pearl increases its Psychic powers. http://Pokemondb.net/pokebase/92523/what-is-spoinks-pearl-for
But I could have sworn in PMD Darkness, Sky, and Time, Spoink said that the pearl helped him balance. Did I imagine this?

LOL, maybe User Spoink can answer this one.
spoink did say that Poke'slash

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-__- the amount of times I have played that part of the story in mystery dungeon.
Anyway that was just part of the story to get you going on your first adventure, it's a spin off game so it's differant to the normal stories.
Like primal Dialga does not exist Appart from in mystery dungeon.
It was just for the story.

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Well, I've played the game and Spoink did say that it helped him keep his balance,
he also showed you the bumps on his body from falling, so you didn't imagine it
it does say that
even though in the pokedex it doesn't say it, in Mystery Dungeon it helped him keep his

Okay, I don't remember the bumps. Thanks, up vote.