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Okay. So, one day I was battling in the Battle Subway in Black.(double battle) Opponent's Floatzel & Shuckle vs. My Serperior & Magmortar. When Serperior used Giga Drain on Floatzel, Floatzel's Focus Band activated. What in the world? I thought BS Floatzel's couldn't have Focus Bands. On my next turn, I used Giga Drain again. (On Floatzel) Its health stayed the same for 15 turns even though I kept hitting it with Giga Drain.
What happened?

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......cool. Sounds annoying, but cool.
hold on-

There may have been a small chance it was a Focus BAND.
Oh, well. Nice idea though, SS. I love your username BTW.

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Edit. My sources prove that none of the bs floatzels can have a focus band. So It was a glitch.

Cool. Really Wierd, But cool.