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Here's what happened. I migrated my Entei from gen IV. Placed it in the front of my party. Gone to the entrence of lost lorn forest. Saved the game. Entered the forest and battled the lady. It was an ordinary suicune. Then I used Quick AttackAttack. The Zoroark got revealed and I was shoked. Because the Zoroark was shiny. Now the question is that why was the Suicune was non-shiny?(I don't know how shiny Suicune looks like. So I recently looked it up and got sure that it was not shiny. Again it didn't sparkle) and the Zoroark was shiny?

Bulbapedia says the illusion is not shiny, but I don't know if the Zoroark can be shiny or not shiny.

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This one of the topics that many shiny hunters talk about. So basically Zoroarks illuson can be shiny, but Zoroark is not shiny, or Zoroark can be shiny and the illusion si not shiny. Or both Zoroark adn the shiny are shiny, or neither are shiny.

Anyway yo are really lucky :)

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Can you provide a source and tell me what is the parcentage of getting one. And thank you
It would be the regular 1/8192 chance for each.
I woud think shiny hunters is a scource