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So, I went to R1 went there was a swarm of Farfecth'd. 2 Farfecth'd were Lv.54 and Lv.51.

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R1?.. Where is that?
Oh, Route 1!
I found a swarm of Farfetch'd also.

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Do you mean Route 1? If so, no, it's not a glitch, if it was part of a swarm. Those Farfetch'd could have been any level from 15 to 55, so the level is not a glitch, and nor is the Pokemon.


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His answer is the same as mine ._.
Don't worry... people don't like noobs like you, that's all c:
wow i didn't know that but how do i find that swarm because i wanna catch a farfetch'd to
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You were probably walking tall dark-green grass, where there is a chance to get a double battle. No glitch, don't worry. The Pokemon are meant to be this high-levelled.