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I Hatched A Drilbur Received From The Day-Care Couple And It Knows:

  • Dig
  • Mud Sport
  • Earthquake
  • Rock Slide

I Did NOT Teach It TM's.

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The main purpose of breeding is usually to obtain a pokemon that knows certain moves. If the male pokemon knows moves that the baby pokemon is capable of learning, it will know them when it hatches from the egg. This is a good way to ‘reuse’ TMs that you taught a pokemon and cannot re-obtain in another way like buying.

If there are too many candidate moves that the baby can learn, they follow this precedent, with each new move overwriting previous ones:
1.Level 1 moves.
2.Moves that the child learns by level up, if both parents have them.
> 3.Any compatible TMs, HMs and move tutor moves known by the father.

4.Any egg moves known by the father.

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Well, it depends on what pokemon the daycare couple was.
If you told us then I could answer, but I'll answer with the little info:
If the pokemon in the daycare knew one of those before then you can expect that, really it's no glitch.

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