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I'm going to explain myself better.I have 10 Oshawott and I want to train everyone with EV's (They are all level 1)...When I level up it say's (Example):
Speed +2
when a Pokemon levels up the stat increase, will this affect the maximum Ev that you can carry.

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I'll readily answer this, but I'm not sure what you are asking, please clarify
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All Pokemon can carry a miximum of 510 EVs, there is no exception to this. Holding an EV boosting item will not take away from that, it will only help you reach the maximum faster. And remeber, you can only put 255 (252 if you want it efficient) into one stat.

EDIT: Sorry for not getting it the first time, I think I understand now. What I think you are asking is if you get EVs on your Pokemon that arent what you are training for, will that hinder you from maxing the stat you want, and the answer is yes, if you are maxing only 1 stat then it shouldnt matter to much, but if you are maxing out 2 stats then foreign EVs (EVs that you arent training for) will stop you from maxing. This is because you can only have 510 EVs, so you have to fill that up with only EVs that you want, unless you want lower stats.

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I mean when you level up they give you some stats but will these stat changes affect the Ev training so you cannot put 252 Ev
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