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Catching a Zubat in SoulSilver, restarted my game btw.
If it's made via apricorns please tell me which ones to give to Kurt, the Poke Ball maker.
Also, please tell me where to get it in SoulSilver (preferably before Gym Number 4)
btw no answers saying: It doesn't matter it's in game please

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luxury ball?
ya, once you defeat Clair you can buy it at the pokemarts
i think

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Well, the luxury ball and the friend ball both raise happiness
You get the Friend ball by giving Kurt the green apricorn, and the luxury ball you can buy near the end of the game.

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Can you get one before Gym 4? Luxury ball.
no, you can get it at the shops after Clair
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You can actually use the Luxury Ball. but I think you are thinking about the Love Ball.
I believe it is the Pink Apricorns that make the Love Ball, because they are both pink.

Give it a try.

I have the Love Ball, it only works if the Pokemon is a different gender from your one in battle.
friend ball works too
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