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I know Ho-oh is good but is lugia better. I want to go into the stamina contest and the event is the one where you jump over things. My lugia has 5 gold stars on the jump part. and 2 medium stars on the stamina part. My Ho-oh has 3 big stars on the stamona part and 4 big stars on the jumping part.

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There is no Stamina Contest where the main goal is to jump over things. Do you mean the Hurdle Dash, that is inthe Speed and Jump competition.
I have also never seen a POkeathlon Pokemon with Big stars in two categories.
I forget because my DS broke and I do mean the Hurdle Dash.
In that case I would need to know Speed and not Stamina.

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It depends, Pokeathlon stats are different for every Pokemon even those of the same name. Give me their stats and what event you want them for. Make sure to tell me if the stars are black or big stars. Stats also change with Aprijuice. Here is what you want for each Pokeathlon:

Speed: High Speed, Skill, Jump, Stamina
Power: High power, Stamina, and skill.
Skill: High skill, power, and speed
Jump: High jump, skill, power, and speed.
Stamina: High stamina, power, and Speed.

Edit: I am leaving soon so I'll just tell you how to choose the best one for the Hurdle Jump. Add the number of stars for Speed and Jump together, adding one if one of the stats is a big star stat. If you have any black stars in Speed or Jump, don't use that Pokemon. Use the Pokemon who has the greater sum of stars.

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