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They do it to make it look more powerful, or to finish a Pokemon off. The writers of the Anime will do things in the Anime that you wouldn't in the main game, to keep things interesting. EXAMPLE:
> Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!
Jessie: No!
Ash: Finish it off with Thunder!
Seviper faints
Ash: Yay!

So yeah, it is supposed to make it look more realistic. Would Pikachu sweep Meowth in one shot with Thunderbolt? Don't think so.
[1]: http://Pokemondb.net/pokebase/93512/in-the-anime-why-do-they-let-you-attack-twice

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And if it was in-game, who the hell carries a Pikachu with Thunder and Thunderbolt? lolz
I know, it is just so different! Honestly, would you watch Anime is it was the same as the game? No, so they've gotta be different with it, and sometimes 'different' can turn into 'ridiculous'... :p
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Cuz its a real-time cartoon based on a turn based RPG. it obviously wouldn't be very exciting to watch if Ash just sat there and let Pikachu eat a DynamicPunch while he stood idly by until it was his turn, now would it? and lets face it: the anime (at least the US version) is primarily geared towards children who aren't gonna overanalyze it. the games require much more strategy and capacity for tactical reasoning than watching a children's cartoon. don't read so much into it.

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