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What Are the New Pokemon BW2 Berries?

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I was just wondering what are all the new berries in Pokemon BW2 & what they do.
For example:

  • Salac Berry: Boosts Speed.
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I know it was an example, but just saying, Salac Berry is not new to B/W2.
Oh, well I mean, what are the boosting stat berries. I thought they were new to BW2.
they were actually first in hoenn...

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>Apicot, Ganlon, Liechi, Petaya, and Salac Berry are all now legal for use, as they are obtainable in Join Avenue. -Source

Enigma Berry was obtainable via a Darkrai event for B/W.

Salac Berry-Raises Speed when HP falls below 25%
Apicot Berry-Raises Special Defense when HP falls below 25%
Ganlon Berry-Raises Defense when HP falls below 25%
Liechi Berry-Raises Attack when HP falls below 25%
Petaya Berry-Raises Special Attack when HP falls below 25%
Enigma Berry-Restores holder's HP if hit by a super effective move

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