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ZephyrSonic is a LPer (Let's Player), and I've been watching his B/W2 live streams. I noticed that he is using an emulator, but how did he get a Level 25 Braviary? Is it an event? Or a gift?

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i watch pokecinema's

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He must have got it in route 4.Hidden away in Route 4 in Black 2 and White 2 is a special area where birds are said to come. If you go behind the person's house on those days, you will see a wild Mandibuzz with its Hidden Ability. In White 2, Braviary appears in the same manner with its hidden ability.Both of them are level 25, and can be found on the days Thursday and Monday respectively.

Got this from serebii.

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thanks I accidently forgot to save and lost it  so all i have to do is go back there on Thursday and it should be there
Nope.For braviary it's Mondays.
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