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Been playing W2 for awhile.. and just wondering what would be a good coverage Pokemon for fighting types?

I have already..

And I'm planning to use Lapras..

If you go with Braviary, you would cover your team's entire weaknesses. But, if you go with Espeon, you won't cover for its Ghost-type weakness.

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I'd say go with Espeon.

Espeon has a great speed stat and even greater sp. attack. It can easily take out almost all fighting types and an added advantage of this would be teaching it shadowball and using it against ghost type Pokemon in the league as well. One reason not to choose braviary is that you already have flygon which can learn fly.

Well Espeon's only HM is cut, and she already has Serperior for cut. I don't see how that argument makes Espeon better than Braviary.
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Definitely use Braviary over Espeon. Braviary's STAB attacks can cover grass and bug, making it useful in more situations. It's easier to get than Eevee and comes at a higher level than Eevee does. It's also fully evolved when you get it, so you don't need to bother with soothe bells, kelpsy berries, carboses, or anything like that. Braviary learns its STAB attacks, strength and fly, pretty early, while Espeon needs to wait until level 37 to learn psychic. Braviary's ability, defiant, is better than Espeon's synchronize.