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Trying to evolve Eevee into Vaporeon.
Please include the location.


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Yup.You can get in route 19,Relic path(dust clouds) and castelia sewers(Dust clouds).These are the places where you can get them before you get to driftveil city.

Source-Personal experience

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>Route 19, Clay Road (With Dowsing Machine), , Wellspring Cave (Dustcloud), Chargestone Cave (Dustcloud), Mistralton Cave (Dustcloud), Twist Mountain (Dustcloud), , Victory Road (Dustcloud), Giant Chasm (Dustcloud), Seaside Cave (Dustcloud), Reversal Mountain (Dustcloud), Clay Road (Dustcloud), Underground Ruins (Dustcloud), Relic Path (Dustcloud), Caselia Sewers (Dustcloud), N's Castle (Dustcloud)-[Source][1]

These are all the places you can find a Water Stone. Now I dont have a B/W 2 map so you will have to look and see if you can see any of those before Driftveil City.
[1]: http://www.serebii.net/itemdex/waterstone.shtml

Well I don't know either? That's why I asked the question
Well in pokemon black(1) there is one at the lighthouse (you need surf)