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Can I catch the shiny Haxorus after I beat the League Champion??? Or can I catch it another time???


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You have to beat the league first.After you have seen all the Pokémon in the Unova Dex, you will receive a License from professer juniper. This item, when shown to the airport attendant in Mistralton City, takes you to the Nature Sanctuary, a place filled with wild Pokémon. However, in the middle of this sanctuary is the rare Shiny Haxorus.

Following these steps should help yu get shiny haxorus.!

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My shiny Haxorus is nicknamed "Blaxorus"

u have ur game in an emulator?
Do i? no its hacked... but i don't give stuff moves it shouldn't have or whatever. i just figure that if PO and Showdown make it super easy to build a team, why does it matter ib game if a team is hacked to a non obvious degree?