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Im chasing Latios all over the Kanto. How do you slow him down?

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Capturing a roaming Pokemon

  1. Don't chase the Pokemon, just go back and fourth between a place and another until it arrives in the Route you are in. Once there, save the game so if the below fails, you can turn off, turn on, and try again.
  2. Once in battle, trap the Pokemon with a move or Ability such as Shadow Tag. I use Wobbuffet or Haunter/Gangar to trap it. Of course, there are alternatives.
  3. Make sure you have a good Pokeball with you. @ night Dusk Balls are effective, otherwise stick with the obvious Ultra Ball, unless of course you are using a Master Ball. Have at least 15 on you.
  4. Give it a status problem, Paralysis, Frozen and Sleep being the most reliable.
  5. Gradually weaken it with moves that will not OHKO it. False Swipe is very helpful to use as it is impossible to knock it out using it.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your work, catch it! You will have to be persistant for it to work. If something happens, reset your game then go back on, as you have saved the game and nothing will be lost, except for the failed capture. ;)

Source: My answer from here.

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I coughtLatios with your tips. Thanks