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I think it uses the cannon on it's back.But I'm not sure.So,how in the world can it use Fly?

Why can Water type Gyarados learn Thunder? or Slowbro learn Flamethrower? How does Jolteon learn Shadow Ball? Why does using a strange machine suddenly allow a muscular Fighting type like Machamp to suddenly shoot Fire from its mouth? and why can't every pokemon with wings learn Fly? why can't Gliscor but Rayquaza can?

if you spend too much time analyzing it you'll drive yourself mad. just accept it for what it is: Game Freak making the game balanced in terms of movepools. if they had to make specific moves for all 600+ pokemon, all based on that pokemons physical appearance, it would be WAAYYYYY too complex.
Not every single thing is "because Game Freak made it that way".
That is true, however we are not privy to all of Game Freaks rationale and thus must assume that he made it so for a reason; albeit a reason only known to him.
Have to agree, CC asks wwaayyyyy too many questions on Poke'mon logic.
You say that like there is such a thing ;)
LOL, good point. XD
If golurk can learn fly, why bother questioning why genesect can?

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Well, and this is a longshot opinion, maybe by using the move Magnet Rise. It is one of its starting moves. It does not have wings, and unless it can point the cannon back and use it as a rocket, this is all it can do.

Again, my own opinion.

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That's how GameFreak wanted it to be like. We don't know.