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I know Genesect and Golett/Golurk can learn Fly. But what are some others?

Genesect and Golurk have jet packs. That's why they can learn Fly.
Dem jet packs. ;-;
Actually, Gollurk propulses itself in similar fashion as that of a rocket, as it's legs seem to fold into it's body, to be replaced my rocket thrusters, or some sort of engine.
lol dragonite shouldn't be able to fly it's wings are so importional. lol
Is this too opinion-based?
By today’s standards, possibly. But this is a 2013 thread and I’m not going to make the precedent of taking down old threads for modern rules. I’ve said this before.
Golurk makes sense to learn fly. It fly's like a rocket. Fire out of it's feet, and boom.
And what are people thinking with Rayquaza, lol. It is levitating, but it doesn't have that as ability.

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Depends on what you think can fly or not. Here is a list of them. I think Doduo because it has no wings and Mew, but it can learn everything so... yeah.

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Arceus can, and so can Rayquaza (I know it's Flying type, but I don't think it looks like it).

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This is slightly opinionated but here's my take on it, as of Gen 7

Pikachu (ELE)
Doduo (NOR/FLY)
Dodrio (NOR/FLY)
Mew (PSY)
Giratina* [Origin Form is wingless] (GHO/DRA)
Golurk (GRO/GHO)
Volcarona (BUG/FIR)
Genesect (BUG/STE)
Drampa (NOR/DRA)
Tapu Koko (ELE/FAI)

Hoothoot - wingspan is so small that it doesn't look feasible
Kyurem - same problem
Vullaby - same problem
Rayquaza - wingless, but a legendary with a connection to outer space, and one might venture that it could fly going solely by appearance in this case
Arceus - no wings, but it's pretty much God, so not on my list
Celesteela - extremely heavy pile of metal, but the base of its body and arms resemble rocket launchers

Golurk has cannons, like celsteela
Mew, Tapu Koko, Rayquaza, Arceus, and Celesteela all float, do they not? I'd say that it'd definitely be possible for at least Rayquaza to Fly. Also, Volcarona has wings.
Mew floats, tapu koko is birbish, Arceus is meh lord, and celestella is fying