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I have an all steel type team and I need a way to protect myself from fire attacks. Is there a move or item I can use to do this? My empoleon knows water spurt but that's pretty much useless since he is already a water type. The others on my team are scizor, aggron, magnezone, lucario, metagross, and sometimes skarmory.


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Couple of ways, in fact.

  • Put Rain Dance on one of your Pokemon. The rain halves the power of Fire moves.
  • Give them Occa Berries, which is a one time use berry that halves Fire moves.
  • Use Heatran. It's also a Steel type, and its Flash Fire ability can deal with you Fire weakness by absorbing Fire moves.
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You can also use water sport to weaken the fire moves
What about the move water sport??
He already said he had Water Sport in the question
No, he said Water Spurt, what ever that is.
Same difference