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It has 6 resistances. How is that bad?

Fire types are weak to Ground types (a Pretty common attacking type), weak to Spikes AND Stealth Rock, which results in them losing a lot of It's HP when they are switched out into Entry Hazards, as well as Fire types having quite a lot of bad Dual typings (these don't always hinder them, but many times they do) such as Fire/Bug (Volcarona), Fire/Flying (Chaizard, Moltres) and Fire/Ground (Camerupt). :P
I think that should be an answer.

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weakness to 2 of the most common types: water and ground

Greninja is very common in OU, Primal Groudon is on almost every team in ubers, Empoleon and Volcanion and Tentacruel runs rampage in uu, Mega Blastoise is on almost every team in ru, Slowbro / King in nu and Golurk earthquakes in pu. plus, diglett traps fire types in lc so they get hit by earthquake no matter what.

the bulkiest fire type on the physical side is groudon, which can be destroyed by cloud nine mons or rayquaza with surf or waterfall. the tankiest fire type in spd is ho-oh, which gets annihilated by rock type moves.

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Yep, good answer. I feel like I can help by adding some statistics that I read on this site.
Water is, indeed, the most common type of them all. 143 out of all 807 Pokemon are Water-types. It also doesn't help that out of eighteen types, Fire has the fifth worse average Defense, which is bad against Ground-types since they have the fifth best average Attack. Rock type Pokemon, on average, have the sixth best Attack, and they are also super-effective against Fire-types. Fire-types just can't cope with taking an attack they're weak to.
In addition, a few other factors:
a) Stealth Rock, which makes up a huge part of defence in this game. It is very hard to take hits when your HP is wiped by 25% (or more) every time you switch in.
b) Fire doesn't resist many good offensive types. Steel and Bug are bad offensive types, and Grass isn't far behind. Resisting them isn't noteworthy, and is done better by Steel.
c) Fire does resist itself as well as Ice, which are good offensive types. However, Water also resists those types, and has more merit as a defensive typing beyond this. In other words, even where Fire is good it is still outclassed.