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[email protected] Berry
IVs: 252 HP
-Will o Wisp
-Horn Leech
-Forest's Curse
-Shadow Claw

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Hmm... I'd say go with Physically Defensive on Trevenant, since Will-O-Wisp and a Physical Defensive set would help it wall Physical Pokemon. Here's what I suggest:
enter image description here
Trevenant @Sitrus Berry
Ability: Harvest
Nature: Impish
EVs: 252 HP/ 176 Def/ 80 Spe
-Leech Seed
-Phantom Force

Standard SubSeed set, 80 Speed EVs over 76, because it out speeds 124 Speed EV Mega Mawile and opposing 76 Speed EV Trevenant. Here are other sets if you want to try some out.

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I agree with Spark^^ Trevenant is easy to switch into a physical attacker as well, if its immune to the typing for easy setup!
Thanks for the tip.  Physical.... I didn't know Trevs was capable of this bulk! :/
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Trevenant is actually specially defensive by a little bit

I see. So, what nature should it be??
Hmmm... Hasty
Doesn't that ignore Sp Def.?
Well, Trevenant is slow and hasty will make it faster and lower it's already bad defense, and EV train it in sp def
I see. Thank you. I'll be sure to pair this up with Charizard Y. Thanks again :3
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I would suggest specially because of a two reasons:

  • most fire, ice, ghost and dark moves are specially oriented
  • you have will o wisp to weaken physical attackers already

Hope I helped.

You did more than help. Thanks :3
No problem.