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Given it's typing suggests this role

This is for competitive, right? What format/rules?
Just among all electric types. Perhaps in OU.

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Don’t know if this counts but Alolan Golem has 130 Base defense, and is supposed to be a very defensive Electric type Pokémon. I mean, it’s EV yield is 3 Defense and it’s made of rock.

Magnezone has good defense, and it’s steel typing is undoubtedly defense based. However while it is a defensive steel type, people usually invest in a special attack boosting nature.

Smogon suggests to run Zapdos with a defensive 240 Def/ 248 HP EVs. And a Bold nature. So Zapdos is good defensive electric type.

Zekrom has good defense and is usually ran as a tank.

Elektross is usually ran defensive or special defensive, due to it having no weaknesses.

Rotom Wash is usually ran as a tank but sometimes a sweeper.

Honestly electric types are a joke..

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You forgot Zapdos
I was gonna include Zapdos, but then I saw it’s base Defense is 85. Also a lot of the sets for it on Pokemon database say special sweeper.
In OU I only see Zapdos on stall teasm
Hold up, ima check Smogon.
Nice! There's any more?
These are the main ones. Obviously, you can run any electric type Defensive if you want tho.