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1) Emboar
2) Swanna
3) Lucario
4) Haxorus
5) Zoroark
6) Excadrill

I've some trouble fighting water types..

Thans guys, this really helped me!!

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Emboar- Emboar can learn Electric type moves, but only Wild Charge and ThunderPunch. But, they are some decent moves: both have an accuracy of 100, but Wild Charge has 90 power, almost like a mini Thunderbolt with a recoil damage based on how much you've done to your opponent by a ¼.

Swanna- Unfortunately, Swanna cannot learn any Electric type moves. but since it is part Water, it can probably be a decoy if you want to heal your Pokemon or something like that since it has a good resistance against it (I'm terrible, I know).

Lucario- Lucario can learn ThunderPunch, but that's the only Electric type move that can actually do damage. It still has a solid 100 percent accuracy, so it's really not that bad of a move anyway.

Haxorus- Haxorus, like Swanna, cannot learn any electric type moves. It can learn Grass Knot, though, but if you're going against something as small as a Psyduck or Masquerain, then it's not the best choice in the world.

Zoroark and Exadrill- Just like Haxorus and Swanna.

Hope this helped!

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I've listed grass and electric type moves as they are both super effective on water.


Solar Beam (TM)
Wild Charge (TM)


ThunderPunch (Tutor)


Grass Knot (TM)


Grass Knot (TM)

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Emboar can learn Thunder Punch by move tutor in Driftveil City and Wild Charge by TM93
Lucario can also learn Thunder Punch by the same method as with Emboar.

But since you say are having trouble with Water types specifically, another option is Zoroark who can learn Grass Knot by TM86 (as can Haxorus and Emboar, but it's not recommended because Grass Knot is special)

Both TMs take some exploration to find, scroll down in these links until you find the items list, the locations will be there this one for Wild Charge ...... this one for Grass Knot.