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Who's attack?
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So I tested this on Showdown (with you actually :P), and I had my Tyranitar Fling a Life Orb. When T-tar flung the Life Orb he did not lose any HP, so he didn't gain any boost from it, meaning he flung the Lfe Orb before it could boost Fling's power. Since the same boosting mechanics apply to Chice Band as they do to Life Orb, I think we can safely say that Fling does not get boosted by Choice Band

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Choice band .you have to edit this .
The same boosting mechanics don't apply, I think... seeing as CB boosts attack by 1.5 and life orb increases damage by 1.3. I'm not sure about it, I would like some more evidence but I'll BA you because you tested it and you're awesome ;]
@Darkstar: Why do I have to edit it?
@Spoink: The boost is different but the priority that it is applied shouldnt be different. I'll get a proper test as soon as can battle with a computer and not my super-laggy iPod
You have to edit it because u wrote chice band !!!lol
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