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Will-O-Wisp for Burn

Toxic for Poison

Hypnosis for Sleep

??? for Freeze

If there aren't any, why?

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Thunderwave for paralysis

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No there are not, no one can say for sure why, but it is probably due to the fact that the mechanics of freezing an enemy make it so that they arent usually frozen very long.

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unless you have my froslass which is so haxy with its ice beam ;D
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Burn: Your attack is halved, but you can still moves.

Paralysis: Speed is dropped to 25%, but you can still move 75% of the time.

Badly/ Poison: Lose health, but still move

Sleep: Only asleep for 1-3 turns, unless you switch out. Not that bad.

Now, this is why freeze does not have move like Thunder Wave.

Freeze: 20% of thawing out each turn. This DOES NOT add up like:

Turn 1: 20%
Turn 2: 40%
Turn 3: 60%

No, it is only 20% every turn. Say you get frozen Turn 1. You can thaw out next turn, or the 10th, 30th, or 100th. It would be too OP to have a move do that.

So there's no moves that have a 100% chance of freezing your Pokemon, yet every time Froslass used Blizzard against my Gastrodon in my Nuzlocke Run, Gastrodon got frozen. >_< Blizzard has crap accuracy too. *Sigh*