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BREEDING IV Pokemon. If not how and what is the best chance? I'm trying to get a 6 IV I cannot breed using 6 IV Pokemon as I don't have any.

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Never. There is no guaranteed way to breed perfect 6IV Pokemon. However, your best chance is to breed two 6IV Pokemon, one holding a Destiny Knot. This gives you a 1/31, or about a 3.2% chance of getting a 6IV Pokemon.

EDIT: If you don't have any 6IV Pokemon, your best bet is to breed two 5IV Pokemon, which gives you 3 guaranteed IVs. You'll get a 6IV one eventually, and when you do, you can use it in battle or for breeding, your choice.
I do strongly suggest getting a 6IV Ditto, though. Many people with Poeersaves are willing to make them for you, and it's a great help when breeding.

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