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I am having trouble catching this Pokemon, it just keep on fainting every time we fight.

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My LV54 Ampharos paralyzed Ho-oh (LV70) and used Power Gem three times to get his HP super low (probably 2 - 10 HP). It only took 5 Ultra Balls after that to catch him. Suicune was much more difficult. :)

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Yeah, there is.

  • Put a status, preferably paralysis, onto Ho-oh. This increases your chances.
  • Battle in the nighttime and chuck Dusk Balls at it. Dusk Balls work really well.
  • False Swipe. When Ho-oh is at low HP, spam this move to get it down to low HP.

Remember, using Super Effective moves at the beginning and not very effective moves later on helps.

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Try to use the move False Swipe, It whittles down Pokemon but keeps a Pokemon at 1 HP. Inflicting a status move like Paralyzing will help too, so try to whittle it down as much as possible and throw lots of balls!