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I want him to learn Confuse Ray but he learns it through egg moves, how can I make it learn it instead of another egg move?

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You must get it via Egg Move. There is no other way.

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via? what does that mean?
It means you must get it as an egg move.
Will it be the first?
What are you talking about...?
never mind
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your current gallade can never learn that move. Only way to get it is to breed a new ralts: Male Pokemon with confuse ray, FEMALE from the ralts family (so gallade can't be used this way, but if you have a ditto you can breed a female). Resulting ralts will be born with confuse ray and growl. Comment if you need more info

what the heck does that even mean?
RATS!!!!!!!!!!!! my Gallade is at lv85 now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I now I need a new one?!?!?!?!?!
Just a guess...so a male Ralts can't learn it.
yes it can
a male ralts can be born with it, just not used for teaching a new one egg moves (the female decides what is born, the male influences moves)