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I know that sounds really crazy, but I'm 100% serious.
I had a Zebstrika names Zooque, and I only had ONE, with a certain moveset that I remember (Discharge, Agility, Wild Charge and Thrash ((ik it sucks)). Then, after I beat the game and realized it actually sucked really bad, I decided to retire him and use a different Electric type; which made me stick him into the PC for a long time. After not playing White for about 4 months, I open up my PC to check my Pokemon, and there, instead of the Zebstrika I had was a Blitzle, with the same moveset, ability, name, and level! I'm honestly really, REALLY confused.
Do these kind of things actually happen? Is it possible for my game to have glitched out?

Here's a pic of the blitzle now:

Thanks for any kind of response! And please, don't call me crazy :-( It's legit.

are you positive you didn't evolve it? or trade it?
Nope, I'm 100% sure I evolved it. I have the records from the Elite Four thingamajig on the PC to show it was a Zebstrika.
I'm just super confused <__>
haha. your blitzle is serious too. lol ^¬^

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No, Pokemon cannot de-evolve. Your game might just be glitchy.

The only part of Pokemon that this can actually happen in is the Anime, like if Slowbro loses the Shellder on its tail, it will go back to being Slowpoke.

glitchy games are always the culprit
whenever my friend tries to look at her trainer card her game freezes
i have to do it for her in the union room