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I was trying to migrate Pokemon from previous games to black and it said that I couldn't trade certain Pokemon because they knew a hidden move
What is that?

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Hidden Move or HM for short is the moves a Pokemon can't unlearn unless by a move deleter Gen.V won't allow you to transfer any Pokemon with a HM move examples are Surf,Cut,and Fly

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Hidden Move = HM
I assume you know about HMs, which are the moves that you gain the ability to use after beating a Gym Leader, and have a unique effect in the overworld. The HMs vary between Generations, though Surf, Fly, and Strength are come of the common ones. The reason you cannot Migerate a Pokemon with a HM move is because it could be last resort; you could migrate the only Pokemon you have that can learn the Hidden Move, and you might get totally stuck somewhere in game.

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