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I called her once then she got erased.

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the same thing happened to me!

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I assume you mean the girl named Yancy who you may be called by from the Xrtansceiver if you are a male. To answer the question, yes, she may be called again. Yancy cannot be erased from the Xrtansceiver, meaning you can receive and take calls from her whenever you want. The same goes for the female counterpart, Curtis. Nothing changes.

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um, isn't it >>>MALE<<< counterpart, Curtis? Yancy is the female. By the way, I pointed this out by my logic on names and genders. I DO NOT ACTUALLY KNOW!<so sorry if I'm wrong. ;D
Female counterpart = the alternative for a male beginning character. You misread.
mine is erased from the begining
so instead of posting an actual answer you're just going to tell them that they are mistaken and that what they say happened couldn't have happened. that is just rude.
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she didn't get erased you have to go to various spots in-game in order for her to show on your Xrtansceiver, there are various guides on youtube on how to do this as well as serebii.

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you have to be in one of the following areas:
Nimbasa City, Route 5, Route 16, Driftveil City, Route 6, Mistralton City, Route 7, Lentimas Town, Undella Town, Route 13, Route 14, Lacunosa Town, Route 12, Route 11, Route 9

you will be able to call her in one of these areas at a time and when you do call her you will be able to call her from a different area so I suggest starting at route 7 and going in a circle many times until you call her enough times to trade with her

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