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It's one of the medals in the medal rally.

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So far as I can tell, the Diamond Dust weather phenomenon doesn't appear in B2/W2. I might be wrong, and if it does turn up later it's probably a special event or something.
There has to be a Diamond Dust weather.
Because there'a a medal that is rewarded when you experience it, so there must be a Diamond Dust.
Find Diamond Dust medal.
0.0 Ah. I never saw one...Well, I don't know when it will show up, but it seems like it's inevitable. It hasn't happened yet, so maybe it's another special event or something.

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The diamond dust is a weather effect that takes place in Iccirus City, in the overworld displaying small icicles floating through the air. In battle it does not serve any weather condition.

Source: Bulbapedia's weather page.
> Diamond dust: Small ice crystals twinkle in the air. Found on certain special days in Snowpoint City, Mt. Silver and Icirrus City. Diamond dust, however, does not have the same effect as other snowy conditions in battle and instead has no effect in battle.

Confirmed days:
December 31st (New Year's Eve)

Rumoured days:
January 12th (Developer's Birthday)
February 29th (Leap Year)
March 4 (US Release of originals)
March 6 (European Release of originals)
March 15th (Ides of March)
April 9 (Originals revealed)
May 1st (May Day/International Workers' Day/Labour Day)

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April 9th rumor is false.  Just checked...does anyone have any other confirmed days?
may 1st doesnt seem to be happening either...