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Where do I go to type in codes for beldum, slowpoke, and hoothoot.

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serebii says to just press the buttons in the order given on the main menu: http://serebii.net/dreamradar/modes.shtml
However, since that is for the Japanese versions, I am not answering since I don't know if things are the same for the American versions.
Wow, first time Serebii's proven Bulbapedia wrong...
Actually bulbapedia also has this info, you just didn't look closely enough at your own link. :P
*checks* oh, darn :P

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Sorry, but if you have the Us game there aren't any. If you have the Japanese game then check this.

dang i read that before but i figured i was just incapable of finding it....well whatever thanks for aswering me :)
you're welcome