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Well ,i am completely noob at internet connections so I want your help .i just wanna go to the dream world but I dont know how .please help me .if you want further explanation just tell me :-)

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well first of all:

  • make an account at this website: http://en.pokemon-gl.com/
  • log in
  • switch on your C-Gear on your nintendo DS
  • click on the squares or starts that are in the middle of ur screen and choose game sync
  • Then choose the Pokemon you want to put to sleep, put it to sleep
  • then refresh the page of the Global Link on the computer
  • Then click where it says the Pokemon dream world (its a round button at the top)
  • Then when you are done just click the button at the top right corner and choose leave Dream World and prepare to wake up Pokemon, unless your 1 hour has expired.
  • then switch on your C-Gear again and and the same thing you done to connect.
  • then you can wake up your Pokemon

then if you have encountered a Pokemon and you r sending it to the game click on the button on your C-Gear, the one on the right
- then entralink and go up into the forest
and then catch it.
Hope you understood
Hope I helped!
source: personal experience

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U were very useful for me .i really thank u !
ur welcome :)