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We all know that legendaries are powerful creatures .but are they unique?do we have any evidence that they are unique ?

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I don't understand your question, could you please clarify?
Do you mean is there only one of each, like 1 Lugia or 1 Mew??
Yes .....
Are they unique? Well, yes and no.

Technically, there's only one of each Legendary in their respective games. In that sense they're totally unique. In-game, the only evidence you need (or that there is) is that they're one-of-a-kind and nobody else has caught a Legendary.

But going meta, the fact that everyone is capable of catching each Legendary makes them just as common as Pokemon found in the wild. Say you got together with six friends that had Soulsilver, and you traded with each of them to get the Lugia from each friend. You now have an entire team of Lugia, which would go against the "one-of-a-kind" thing I just mentioned. But as with all Pokemon, each would likely still have a different Nature and/or Characteristic; this technically makes them unique among themselves, even if they're no longer one-of-a-kind.

Short answer, all Pokemon, Legendary or not, are unique. Legendaries are even more unique, and even more so in-story. But on the global spectrum, they're not much different from other Pokemon in that regard.
According to what e said above, he does not mean if they have a beautiful personality or a distinct pattern of nature and characteristics, but if there are only one of each.
Eh, sorry, I got a bit carried away. The answer's far more correct than me, anyway.

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In the game:

Yes, they are you unique. There is only one of each legend available in the game (Ex: HG/SS; only 1 Lugia or 1 Ho-Oh). The only legend that you can get more of is Phione, but:

  • Phione's legendary status is disputed.

  • Phiones born through breeding cannot evolve, so no real legendary Manaphies.

So yes or no, depending if you see Phione as a legendary.

In the Anime:

Not all Legends are unique as you put it. It has been pointed out that Lugia has a baby named Silver. Also, from Bulbapedia:

>... However, like all creatures, they can become enraged if they feel threatened, particularly if they are protecting their young.

I'm sure there are other instances of legends breeding.

>... There are some cases where legendary Pokémon are implied to breed in the wild, as seen with Lugia, though this is not the case in the games.

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