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I have grass in my White Forest, but there is no-one in my forest. How can this be?

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I believe I has something to do with street pass, but I may be wrong. I know it's a Wi-Fi/online thing. I know you need both black and white or a friend with the other version
what game?
The games are all the Generation 5 games (although in your case i beleive it's pokemon White)
I know white forest is only in White, but street pass also exists in Black for Black City
Its porbably a glitch
I got an answer off-site for this question. I am debating with myself that I should post it. it is an old question, but it is unanswered.

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This happens when you take too long to beat the game. Just connect to a friend who has a Black City via Entralink, and request the citizens of Black City to come to your White Forest.

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