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I tried to use one on my Absol but it didn't work. Can you only not use them once your EV's are maxed out, or does it depend on something else?


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Using one berry when you have over 100 EVs take it down to 100, then every one you use after will be reduced by 10. did you make sure that berry corresponds to the right stat? Has that stat not been filled yet?

It's possible that it hasn't earned any EV's in that stat (sp. attack).  I got it from the GTS at around level 20, so I don't know what EV's it gained before I got it.  For a while it was getting a sp. attack +2 during level ups so I wasn't sure.
Yes, in that case it's very likely to not have any EVs, it may have been caught at that level and not used at all.
Also, you can use EV reducing berries any time you have EVs, so you can constantly scrap your EVs and start over if you like.
Ok, that makes sense. Thanks!
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When it is at the lowest stat yet. Also when you used as much stat reducing berries you can't because it will say It doesn't affect it. It is maxed out, your EVs. That is why it depends on maxed out EVs.