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Hey Everybody

I'm about to start a new game in Pokemon Black but I have some questions to ask, sorry If I'm asking a lot of questions.

1) If I start a new game, will I still have my Wonders Cards?

2) Will I still have my Promotions and still have my C-gear in the Global Link?

3) Will I be able to obtain the Liberty Pass again/ Get previous event lendendarys Zekrom/Darkrai/Mewtwo?

4) Dream World on my Pokemon Black card will be the same?

5)Can I be able to transfer some of my Pokemon to Black 2?

I hope somebody will make a clear answer, Thank you.


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1.Yes you lose your Wonder Cards
2.You get a new Sync ID, but you can contact the Pokemon support to change it.
3.No you wont be able to get pass events unless your get them through trade.
4.As I said about you can change your Sync ID by contacting the support on the website.
5.If you delete your data before transferring no you cant trade them over, you can transfer them first though through trading.

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But what I use Infared Connection in Mystery Gift to pass it to my Pokemon White, Delete my Save File THEN On my Pokmon White you infared Connection in Mystery to pass back my Wonder Cards?
Will the work?
If you are able to pass them on then yes it will work, you can always test it yourself by passing it to your white version then seeing if the event works