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Are the Natures and IVs of both of them set when you encounter Kyurem White? Or neither? Or just Kyurem? If it is one of the latter two is Reshiram's nature/IVs set when you fight N or when you encounter it in Dragon spiral tower. I really hope it is neither in the first one, otherwise it so annoying.


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It would make sense that if the Kyurem and Reshiram have their natures set during their catching. Remember, trainer's Pokemon are randomized, while Elite Trainers have good natures and IVs. Kyurem-W was previously own by Ghetsis, so it must have had a good nature. When I caught my Kyurem, it was a Brave Nature.

Recall that N's Pokemon all have 30 IVs in each stat. Meaning it should have an HP Fighting. When I took my Reshiram to the Hidden Power checker in PWT, it was an HP Grass....

Also, my Reshiram had a Adamant Nature when I first caught it.

So it is safe to assume that they are set when you first catch it.

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You said Hidden Power Twice :P
Well you were right, mostly. Reshiram did not have 30 IVs in each stat, but their Natures and IVs were not set until I tried to catch them.