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I caught a steelix that knows Curse, but as far as I know Steelix can't learn it. My best guess is that it is an egg move.


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It learns it at level 38 in Platinum, HG, and SS. Since you say you caught it, I assume this is Platinum.

Ok thanks. Is there an error on this page then?


Because that's not on there, and I just tried to teach it double-edge via heartscale and it wasn't available (it is level 48).
The Pokedex pages for the database have not yet been fully updated with Platinum, HG, and SS moves. Also, Steelix in those games learns Double-Edge at level 49.
Ok thanks again.  That would make sense, and also explain how my Flareon learned lava plume.

And it's HG, by the way.