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Doing HeartGold with only 1 Mareep sometime, and what should I do against jasmine's Steelix (maybe even her Magnemites will be a challenge)? I need help, plz

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Are you allowed to evolve Mareep? If yes, use focus blast. If no, use swagger.
No, I'm only using mareep, if it a fail, I'll do a run where u can evolve

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  1. EV train. It'll take a while, but you can reach your Mareep's maximum potential this way, allowing it to take hits and deliver powerful blows back.

  2. Overlevel. Grind levels somewhere (the Daycare is good), and steamroll her. This will take a very long time, however.

  3. Double Team. Raise your evasiveness, and pray you don't get hit.

  4. Swagger. Swagger's confusion can make Jasmine's Pokemon do major damage to themselves, but it's quite unreliable.

  5. Hidden Power. You can hope your Mareep has Hidden Power Ground, Fire, or Fighting. If it does, you can demolish her with relative ease.

Hope I helped!

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Welp, I just dont know what to attack it with, jasmine's pokemon all have a resistance to all my moves, electric,bug, rock and normal, so hp ground,fire,or fighting is all I can do
Water, grass, and ice also work.
Grass and Ice are neutral and Magnemite resists both of them. Water isn't super effective against the Magnemites, so it's a lesser option.
The Magnemites are pretty weak, and Mareep resists their strongest move. It should be pretty easy to defeat them just by spamming thunder.